Change the Way you Shop for a Mortgage!

Our Mission

My Mortgage Auction’s mission is to empower consumers to shop for mortgages in a way that allows them to capitalize on free market competition. We aim to offer a fast, simple user-friendly way to shop by creating an innovative auction platform through our technology.

Core Values


No matter if we’re working with each other or with you to help you secure a mortgage or obtain new clients, we work together to give you what you need.


We simplify the process of obtaining a mortgage for borrowers across the nation. Through our simply, sleek mobile app, we maximize efficiency and guarantee confidentiality.


From Day 1, we have been committed to transparency within our brand and to our customers. If you have a question, ask. Honesty is the cornerstone to effective communication.


We are passionate about revolutionizing the old mortgage industry and bringing it up to-date with modern technology. By crafting technology that serves both lender and borrower equally well, we will continue to change the mortgage space!